dimecres, d’agost 02, 2017

ESG: My favourite picture(s) of the month July

July was such a still and quiet month... I was (still am) on winter break from college and I barely left my house. I worked a little for my next term, but mostly I just was on full-lazy mode. 
There weren't many remarcable pictures this month, and the drawings I made were not properly photograph, so I present you now this scarce selection:

My cat and I were really on the same lazy-mood...
If she wasn't under the covers, she was sleeping ON me, really seizing my time at home. 

I went to an art exhibition one morning at the local university's museum. It was a retrospective of the Braque Prize
It was really interesting, mostly because some of these works are from the period I'm currently researching
A tiny translucent snail I found one morning after the rain