dissabte, de juliol 01, 2017

ESG: My favourite picture(s) of the month June

The end of June brought along the end of school and the begining of winter break. It was a busy month but, for once, I had no nervous breakdowns with deadlines and such things, and all went surprisingly smooth

I'm always amazed when flowers bloom in autumn or winter. 

The view from my grandmother's apartment. The weather that day was inbelievable heavy and, as you can see, threathening with storm.  

A couple of sketches I did for my school project. I'm working with my doll collection and I'm planning on doing portraits of all of them, 

Drawing class' final. This period I felt comfortable and happy with my drawings for the first time since I got to college, so I felt very proud when I got the highest grade possible :D 

The monthly cat picture. There were lots of pictures like this, because during the colder days she wanted to sleep over me no matter what.