diumenge, de juny 04, 2017

ESG: My favourite picture(s) of the month May

I had no expectations for May, and it turned out being such a lovely month! 

Homework for my drawing classes. Of all the landscapes I had to draw, this was my favorite.

I hosted Tatyana for some days during May too, and I used her as an excuse to visit La Abadía, which used to be a monks' residence and is now a cultural institution. 

The building was left unfinished, so some galleries are roofless. 

It's really a beautiful place! Those galleries were just too lovely, no two chapiters were the same!

And the month's kitty pictures: the later the sun comes up, the chillier the days, the harder the mornings.

So every bit of sun is seized at its fullest!

dimarts, de maig 30, 2017

Gente con la que soñé ayer:

  • James Norton
  • Aidan Turner
  • Gypsy Rose y Dee Dee Blanchard.
Todos en el mismo sueño.

dilluns, de maig 01, 2017

ESG: My favourite picture(s) of the month April

Unlike March, April was such a great month!

For once, instead of just taking pictures, I've been making my own. I'm actually getting used to it. Thanks, college (?)

Chilly days make an extra snuggly and sleepy Leti, even more than usual 
Medora, my latest doll, finally arrived! She's a Barbie, with a curvy body

I was lucky enough to be in the terrace at the exact moment this totally random balloon came out of nowhere

I found this picture hilarious thanks to those overly dramatic sculptures in the background

This is Tatyana, a travelling doll I've been hosting these last days.
I took this picture yesterday, it was such a sunny day (such a sunny weekend, actually)