dissabte, d’abril 01, 2017

ESG: My favourite picture(s) of the month March

March is here like the Monday of the year. Summer ends, which means buh-bye vacations, hello work/college.
And this March was very Monday to me, so... welcome April!

These are my favorite pictures of this month:

After being apart for 17 days, holding this cutie back in my arms left me on the verge of tears of joy.

This was the first time that I actually got to see this succulent's flower. Doesn't it look like it has a leopard print?

On a very sad morning this colorful little butterfly came to brighten up the day

dissabte, de març 04, 2017

ESG: My favourite picture(s) of the month Febuary

This last month went by like a flash, but, at the same time, it feels like I made the January's favorite pics ages ago. I just arrived home after being 17 days away on vacation, so that's probably why I feel that way,
So yes, as you may expect, my favorite pictures for February are from my time off.

I visited a friend at her home in Viedma (914 km from Buenos Aires) and we spent about 10 days in Las Grutas (+193 km).

This is one of the first pictures I took when I arrived. A sight of the old bridge, which connects the cities of Viedma (Río Negro province) and Carmen de Patagones (Buenos Aires Province) across the Río Negro (Black river). 
 Viedma and Carmen de Patagones were founded the same day, April 22nd, 1779, and work together since then, despite belonging to different provinces now (since 1878).
C. de Patagones has a better tourist exploitation of its historic past, so there are a lot of old buildings kept in the historic center of the city. 

This is from Las Grutas. I was astonished by the deep blue color of the sea, because until then the only beaches I knew where those from Buenos Aires, and their sea is quite brownish.

The difference in color is mostly due to the soil. Buenos Aires has a dark and scrambled sand, while in Las Grutas the soil is practically made of stone, as you can see in this picture, taken during low tide. The sea was so far away!

This picture was taken that same day, at San Antonio (W). That fishing boat in the background was aground, of course, but the tide was slowly rising, you might see the water glowing. I never saw before such differences between high and low tides.
This is from a beach by San Antonio (E). The clouds were so low and close!

More of these gorgeous clouds... There was such a storm that night!
That white beach, it'n not sand... it's covered in shells! Walking on them felt like walking on broken tiles
I took this picture yesterday, one of the last sights of C. de Patagones, from Viedma's side. 

dijous, de febrer 02, 2017

ESG: My favourite picture(s) of the month January

January is always such a lazy month for me because 1) unemployed (TBH, more like underemployed); 2) summer break from college and 3) summer in general, I can barely get anything done with such a heavy weather.
So... a lot of free time, a lot of things to do, so little willpower.
I took a gazillion pictures of my cat because I spent most of my time with her.
Here are my favorites in a collage, so I don't bore you too much
I did some gardening for a change. My cactus and succulents endured a lot of negligence from me in the last years, so I started to make things right. After this picture, a couple of pots were added to this collection and since then they have grown so much! There's still some work to do, there are more cactus to be relocated, but this was a nice start

I totally love this glasswork

My mother has been going through some of my grandfather's papers and found all these little souvenirs from that time we (my grandpa and I) went to Europe. He kept EVERYTHING, so that's great for my little collector/hoarder soul.

"I'm going to draw a little every day, so I build the habit and improve my skills" I said to myself.
Well... I drew only 2 days in a row, copying from some of my art books, but I still have the hope I will get something done. 

This month there has been some quality reading!
A total of 6 books, was a great start for my reading challenge, knowing I won't have this much time during college months. 

There's been, of course, some doll playing this month. There were a couple of doll-birthdays in January, one of which was Aglae's. Here she is, looking like a magical girl.

And this month happily ended with a brunch with my dear friend Bárbara. She's been studying in Germany for the last year and a half, and she came back to visit family and friends! We had such a lovely meeting, we talked so much, it was a great day.